Midway Rehabilitation Center has a zero tolerance for sexual abuse or sexual harassment. As a volunteer or contractor, you have the responsibility to understand Midway’s policy and procedures regarding sexual abuse or harassment. It is important to understand that residents residing at Midway Rehabilitation Center do not have the legal capacity to engage in a consensual relationship while still in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons.

The definitions of sexual abuse and sexual harassment will be defined as:

Sexual Harassment:

Midway Rehabilitation Center defines sexual harassment as repeated, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or verbal comments, gestures, or actions of a derogatory or offensive sexual nature or physical conduct of a sexual nature directed toward an offender by another offender, staff member, agent or volunteer of Midway Rehabilitation Center. Or the above described behavior can be directed toward a staff member, agent or volunteer by an offender. Voyeurism is also considered a form of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is a continuing pattern of:

Sexual Abuse:

Midway Rehabilitation Center defines sexual abuse as any act that the victim does not consent to, is coerced into such an act by overt or implied threats of violence, or is unable to consent or refuse:

  1. Separate the alleged victim and abuser.
  2. Preserve and protect the crime scene and get a staff member.
  3. Request the victim not take any actions that could destroy evidence (such as washing, brushing teeth, changing clothes, urinating, defecating, drinking, or eating).
  4. Ensure the alleged abuser does not take any of the above actions that could destroy physical evidence. Notify a staff member immediately.
  5. Immediately notify Midway staff or call a number listed below.

These are also listed on the back of your visitor and/or contractor badge.

It is your responsibility to report any incidents of sexual abuse or harassment to a staff member of Midway Rehabilitation Center and/or call:

You may also write a note, or speak with any staff member.

Remember, a thorough investigation cannot be completed unless we have enough information. Please report as many details as you’re comfortable with.

Reporting in Bad Faith:

The above methods of reporting an incident are to be used for PREA INCIDENTS ONLY. By filing a report, you agree that all statements are true.

If it’s determined through investigation that you maliciously reported a false allegation of sexual assault or sexual harassment, you may be charged criminally.

This responsibility to notify includes information that is told to you by a resident.